Inspired Environment specializes in user research and strategy for the era of empathic software experiences.

History: Everybody's got some

Since 2002 Inspired Environment has seen the web transform from a time when AOL dominated how we think about content, to the current mode of hands free gesture based interactivity, and it has grown steadily with the technologies that shape the web today.

We are part of a community of seasoned, highly skilled consultants, strategists, and designers who have participated in the evolution of the user experience / customer experience design and research field for well over a decade.

Manifesto: Cue the music

We are 'solutionists' where creativity is the name of the game. We avoid 'cheeky', and rarely is 'clever' good enough. We seek solutions that are elegant, effective, and steadfast.

Ego does not work in this age of business. Our goal is to disappear; the endgame is for your brand, product or service to shine as the brightest object on your particular horizon.

Together, let's make it better.


Persuasive Design: Show, then tell.

Rapid, high fidelity prototyping is a mainstay of our process. This is the summary result of robust qualitative and quantitaive research conducted at a depth that best suits your time and budget. We excel at bringing value to challenging timelines, and hedging a project towards success by utlizing visual processes that align all stakeholders before a single line of code is written.


We now live in a data driven world. We can, with a very high level of confidence, use known best practices and data to design interactions that are statistically proven to have a specific outcome, and we can do this for you.

Mobile: "One web" is now

Or said another way; there is no mobile web, only "the web". We stand on this current belief and encourage all engagements to think this way. Your users expect to be able to access anything you publish from any device they use. Let's keep that promise, shall we?


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